Flat-Rolled Product Division of Nanshan Aluminium has always been committed to the R&D and production of superior-surface and high-formability materials, and now has successfully output the products applied in 3C high-end anodization category through unremitting efforts. The products have stable mechanical properties and good stamping formability, the anodized products show moderate surface brightness, free of material streak and black line problem, adaptable to the anodization requirements of various colors. Among them, 6xxx anodized stock has been put into mass production for various products of a USA well-known mobile phone brand, covering the product types such as Ipad, laptop computer and desktop computer, and the Division has become the largest flat-rolled product supplier in China.

Product Properties and Application

Product Type and Specification

5052-H32/6063-T6      0.5~3.0mm*300~1500mm*C

Product Properties

Alloy Temper5052-H32

Tensile strength  Rm210~230Mpa

Yield strength Rp0.2:≥160Mpa

Elongation A50%≥10%

 Bending 90°/1T不开裂Non cracking

□ Alloy Temper6063-T6

 Tensile strength Rm250~270Mpa

 Yield strength Rp0.2:≥220Mpa

 Elongation A50%≥13%

 Product Features

The products of 5xxx-H32 temper have moderate tensile strength, suitable for the lightweight requirement of 3C products; no black lines and line streaks after anodizing. The moderate brightness meets the requirements of high-end surface quality; the moderate hardness, the short production process and good stamping effect meet the requirements of high output efficiency for consumer electronic products.   

Product Application

3C products are mainly used as the brackets and shells of mobile phones, notebooks, pads and other products.