Responsible for customers:
The global sales network, compact and efficient business processing ensure that we can provide our customers with the needed services.
High-quality products and excellent service bring the greatest value to customers.

Responsible for company shareholders:
 The Flat-Rolled Product Division of Nanshan Aluminium regards creating maximum benefits for shareholders as one of the company’s many development goals. The Company will sustain the current leap-type development, continuously improve the Company’s operating performance and take responsibility for the Company’s shareholders.

Responsible for employees:
Safety and Development: Safety production has become a self-conscious awareness of  The Flat-Rolled Product Division of Nanshan Aluminium from the leadership to the employees. The complete safety protection equipment and comprehensive safety guarantee system provide the Company’s employees with reliable safety.
Encouraging employees to learn and promoting employees’ development is the eternal principle of the Company. The Company constantly creates opportunities and conditions for employees to learn, so that employees can improve themselves as soon as possible and have a bright future.

Responsible for society:
The Company pays special attention to environmental protection measures such as energy conservation, emission reduction and noise reduction etc., creating a harmonious and beautiful working and living environment, and contributing to the society.