The aluminium foil products for flexible packaging produced by Flat-Rolled Product Division of Nanshan Aluminium find a good sale in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. As one of the world's outstanding high-end aluminium foil suppliers, the Division has established long-term mutual beneficial cooperation with packaging companies such as Greatview Aseptic Packaging Co., Ltd. and SIG Combibloc Co., Ltd.; the Division can produce pharmaceutical aluminium foils of different thicknesses for various applications, in addition to ordinary flexible pharmaceutical packaging, the cold-formed pharmaceutical foil and hard pharmaceutical foil products have been successfully developed, of which the surface quality and various properties have been widely recognized by customers; With the rapid development of the domestic new energy automobile industry, Flat-Rolled Product Division of Nanshan Aluminium has taken the lead in the industry to achieve mass production of 0.012mm ultra-thin, high-strength, high-elongation power battery foils with double-sided mill finish, has formed the stable cooperative supply relationships with the famous power battery manufacturers to provide strong support for the lightweighting of power batteries, and has begun to gradually supply 0.010mm battery foil with double-sided mill finish to the market.

Product Properties and Application

Product Type and Specification

Flexible Packaging Foil Product:8079-O/1235-O    0.005-0.060 mm*200-1840mm*6000-70000m

Pharmaceutical Foil Product:8079-O/1235-O/8021-O/1235-H    0.006-0.05*200-1840mm*2000-8000m

Power Battery Foil Product:1060-H18/1100-H18  0.009-0.016*200-1840mm*4000-30000m

Product Properties

 Flexible Packaging Foil Product

Tensile strength60-100MPa

Elongation ≥2% 

Wettability A+ Grade Good flatness

 Pharmaceutical Foil Product

Tensile strength:≥80MPa


Erichsen cupping test value≥7mm

Power Battery Foil Product

Tensile strength190-280MPa


Surface conditionDouble-sided mill finish/Single-sided mill finish

Dyne value≥30 Good flatness quality

Product Features

Flexible Packaging Foil Products have good air barrier property, water vapor barrier property, shading, thermal conductivity, and shielding properties; according to the unique characteristics of aluminium, bag type packaging containers are made of aluminium and other materials to extend the shelf life of food.

Pharmaceutical Foil Products has the characteristics of excellent deep drawing property, mechanical property, surface quality and flatness quality etc., and is mainly used for printing, coating, compounding and cold forming of pharmaceutical package production.

The power battery foil production adopts the routine of DC slab hot-rolling, with the features of big reduction ratio, sufficient grain breakage and fine grain degree, the finished battery foil has uniform structure and stable mechanical properties. The battery made of such foil provides more stable service and has a longer service lifetime under the conditions of cyclic recharge and discharge. The cleanliness of product surface is high, which is conducive to increasing the adhesion of conductive material when coating the battery foil and improving the battery performance.

Product application

Flexible Flexible Packaging Foil Products are mainly used in food packaging, aseptic flexible packaging, Tetra Pak packaging.

Pharmaceutical Foil Products are mainly used for high-end pharmaceutical package.

Power Battery Foil Products are mainly used for power batteries of new energy vehicle.