The hot rolling plant has one set of 2350mm “1 + 4” hot rolling tandem mill line supplied by Japan IHI. In addition, the plant is equipped with two sets of scalping machines supplied by Japan SNK and 5 sets of vertical pusher type heating furnaces supplied by Austria Ebner. The hot rolling production line is the largest one in term of the actual output volume in the current domestic aluminum processing industry, with the world-class equipment installation level. The main products are divided into four categories: aluminum foil stock, can body stock, can end stock and hot-rolled plate (coil). Strip coil specification: thickness of 2.0 ~ 10mm, width of 950 ~ 2200mm (2100mm after trimming), inside diameter of 610mm, outside diameter of 1000 ~ 2800mm, and maximum coil weight of 30 tons; plate specification: thickness of 20 ~ 150mm, width of 950 ~ 2200mm and length of 2000 ~ 10000mm. The various property indexes of hot rolled plates and hot rolled coils meet the international quality standards.