2021 Shanghai International Aluminum Industry Exhibition
2021-06-25 08:22:01

2021 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition

Exhibition time: July 07-09, 2021

Venue: Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center (No. 2345 Longyang Road)

Exhibition scale: 60000 square meters; Number of companies participating in the exhibition: 600+; professional visitors: 6000+ person-times

Organizers: Reed Exhibitions Group, Beijing Reed Exhibitions Co., Ltd.

Organizer: Beijing Reed Exhibitions Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Overview

China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition (abbreviated as: Aluminum Industry Exhibition) organized by Reed Exhibitions Group and undertaken by Beijing Reed Expo Co., Ltd. is one of annual events that the aluminum industry shall not miss, which will focus on displaying the new properties, new technologies, new trends and new applications of aluminum materials, and strive to create a professional exchange platform for trade negotiations, international exchanges and brand display for aluminum materials production enterprises and downstream industrial applications.

The aluminum industry exhibition which has been successfully held for sixteen times took place again at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on July 07-09, 2021. The exhibition will gather more than 500+ outstanding entrepreneurial companies from more than 30 countries and regions to fully display the entire aluminum industry chain from raw materials, semi-finished products and application products, as well as related machinery and equipment, auxiliary materials and consumables.

For the Shanghai Aluminum Industry Exhibition, which is constantly innovating and seeking breakthroughs, which changes will be presented from form to content this year? And what wonderful topic activities or site forums the exhibitor will provide for exhibitors and visitors? Both will become the focus of the industry's close attention. It is reported that the recent exhibition will focus on the field of deep processing, focusing on the automotive lightweight and consumer electronics fields.

In-depth interpretation of the automotive lightweighting, aid industry to break through the new normal

Under the new normal of economy, the lightweight development of automobiles becomes an important "breakthrough" for the aluminum industry to adapt to the new normal and lead the new normal. To this end, the government has individually launched policies to enhance the implementation efforts of energy-saving & emission-reducing in automobile industry, the lightweight development of automobiles becomes the general trend. In order to comply with the development trend, the 2021 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition will develop from a 16-year procurement platform for the entire industry chain towards deep processing, and will continue to communicate with exhibitors and end users to meet the needs of industry development.

Scope of the Exhibits:

Aluminum raw materials, primary metal products, semi (composite) products

Aluminum application products

Granular metal, powder metal, paste metal, wool fabric, foam-like object

Semi-finished products, semi-composite products

Surface treatment of aluminum

Aluminum light metal trading and recycling

Aluminum factory equipment, machine parts, aluminum sorting, processing and refining equipment

Aluminum service, consulting, expert opinion

Miscellaneous of Aluminum